Yamaha M5J

An MJ5 Japanese made Yamaha that are rare to have in the showroom as they are not brought into the UK or Ireland anymore. 

This piano is in incredible condition with all reconditioning, regulation & pitch tuning carried out.

Made in 1982. 

Price £3495.00 inc vat 

Yamaha 105

A Japanese made Yamaha of height 105 cms in Teak finish.

Case in really good condition and has new bass strings fitted, as it was made in in 1972 and needed a fair but of reconditioning in the action and these strings, including pitch tuning & regulation.

Well worth the effort and being a Yamaha!

Price £2650 inc vat  


Yamaha YU1S Silent Piano

Just in a beautiful Yamaha YU1S silent piano made in year 2000. This piano plays extremely well as you would expect from a Yamaha and lovely  tone with excellent projection. In very good condition with very little use and the price is a excellent saving from new. £6450.00 inc vat



Seiler 116 Konsole


Seiler 116 Konsole Upright Piano Circa. 2000

Seiler 116 Konsole Upright Piano in Premium Lacquered Solid  Ebony Finish
Quality speaks for itself – there is not much to add. When coming into contact with a Seiler Konsole upright, almost no one can resist its musical qualities & this is the case the 116 Konsole model. 

Retailing at over £8,000.00 new!

Why Seiler 116 Konsole?
Like famous maker Steinway & Sons, Seiler have been making pianos for around 160 years. Today Seiler are one of Europe’s most important manufacturers of upright and grand pianos starting in 1849.
All German-made quality pianos labelled Seiler are equipped with a high-end German Renner action including Abel hammers. The production takes place at Kitzingen (Bavaria). Even small parts like tuning pins and string wire are without exception made by German premium suppliers and the signature of the master piano maker.

Price £4250 inc vat



Kawai CE-7N

Just in is this immaculate Kawai piano in a dark walnut case. Play’s very well indeed as you would expect from a Kawai and has a strong , rich tone.

Made in 1985

Price £2650 inc vat

Kawai Piano

Yamaha U1A

An older U1 Yamaha but in very good condition with the case having been re-finished in Satin black. This piano is in very good structural condition and has a nice touch and tone.

Made in 1957

Price £3150 inc vat


Yamaha G5 Grand

Not long in is the fantastic Yamaha G5 in black and with a length of 6’5 it really is a serious piece of instrument! Plays extremely well indeed and has a clear strong tone overall with deep, rich bass.

New price on this instrument is around £30,000

Price £9950.00 including delivery in NI (Ground floor)

Yamaha G5
Image in Black & White

Yamaha G5 inside


Yamaha G5 Frame Number