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Bechstein Model 8

Bechstein Model 8


bechstein-model-8-3Bechstein model 8 in a light oak finish, made in 1927. This model of Bechstein was widely regarded as one of there best with it’s incredible touch and  control of the keys and a tone that is very wide ranging with it’s full and deep bass, blending wonderfully into the lovely middle section and giving great tone in the treble to the highest note in the range.  

I have re-freshed and re-furbed the entire action and paid a lot of attention to all action interfaces and spent a lot of time regulating the keyboard and action to ensure the pianist receives the best playing experience possible from this wonderful piano.  

The instrument is is excellent structural order and the case is good, all pedal trap-work has been well prepared with some felt replacement. 

The piano is tuned to concert pitch A440.