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Piano Sales

Benny Crawford & Son pride ourselves on the Upright Pianos, we provide a small but quality range of pianos in our Bangor Showroom.

We understand full well that to buy a piano for the first time or to upgrade your piano can be a mine-field of options. Benny Crawford & Son have two generations of piano experience including tuning, servicing and selling pianos. We are a family business and we provide a no pressure approach to piano sales.

We understand people have a budget and they want to purchase the best piano they can for the amount of money they are prepared to spend to either enhance their child’s improvement in playing the piano or the upgrade you having been saving for or promising yourself for a while.

In our experience it really boils down to the person who is playing the piano; loving the ‘touch’ & ‘tone’ of the  piano. Even children who have only learnt a few simple tunes know what they like from one piano to another. Everyone likes different things in terms of touch & tone. So our job is to provide well prepared pianos; we can give advice but we cannot pick the right instrument for any one pianist.

It’s important to understand that piano’s have different sizes, from the small piano height of  108 cm’s (& smaller), to the taller U3 Yamaha 131cms. The string length is increased with the  height of the piano therefore giving relative depth of tone and volume.

Pianos in this section are working and playing well, have a presentable case & can start from around £500 – £600 going up in price from there. However! Pianos at this starting price are older pianos and have seen their best day’s but they can make for a cost effective introduction to piano playing & hopefully prevent people from buying older pianos that are not tunable, will not play or have other major defects. The pianos here have been bought, tuned, regulated, cleaned & the price includes delivery.



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The address of the showroom is: 71a High Street BT205BD

Here is the Google Map photo of the area & exact location of the showroom.

Benny Crawford & Son Ltd, 71a High Street, Bangor, County Down, BT 20 5BD

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