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Piano Sourcing

Grand and Upright Piano Sourcing

This is an aspect of our piano sales business that has in fact been something we have helped clients with for a long time.

We currently stock the smaller Steinhoven 4’8 baby grand but can assist with sourcing a larger 5’8 C2 Yamaha, an older 5’8 G2 Yamaha, or maybe a Kawai RX-7, 7’6.

In the 37 years that our family business has been in operation our clients have naturally asked our advice when it comes to making such an important and expensive purchase.

If the time has come to let go of your older piano or you have decided now is the time for the piano you have always dreamed of, sourcing is a service we can offer and this how it works;

If you have a type of piano in mind whether it be a reconditioned Steinway, Bechstein upright or grand or the aforementioned Yamaha’s or Kawai’s for example, then we can check availability with other dealers on your behalf. We only liaise with dealers that we know and trust to have very good quality pianos, prepared to the same condition and standard as those we offer.

We can then take you to the piano in mind so you can play it and see for yourself if it’s the model you require?

We will advise on the condition of the piano from a technician’s point of view checking all the major structural parts of the piano to regulation and, if asked, the touch and tone (which of course is personal). Our clients have found this a very helpful service, not only in the reassurance of a sound piano, but also asking our advice regarding the colour, size and a suitable location for their new piano.

So if this sound like a service that might be of interest to you then please contact us.


“When Fisherwick Presbyterian Church recently decided to purchase a grand piano for the church building we immediately contacted Benny Crawford & Son for help and advice.

Primarily we required a high quality and versatile instrument, but also one that would look well in our beautiful building.

I was given the opportunity to try out several makes and styles of piano and in only a few weeks our new Yamaha C2 piano was delivered and tuned.

Over the past year it has been used not just during services, but for many musical events including schools concerts, radio broadcasts and charity events. Several events have been able to take place in Fisherwick because of our fine new instrument.

The piano has greatly enhanced the musical life of the congregation and is enjoyed by all who play it.”

Neale Agnew (Director of Music – Fisherwick Presbyterian Church)