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Seiler 116 Konsole



Seiler 116 Konsole Upright Piano Circa. 2000

Seiler 116 Konsole Upright Piano in Premium Lacquered Solid  Ebony Finish
Quality speaks for itself – there is not much to add. When coming into contact with a Seiler Konsole upright, almost no one can resist its musical qualities & this is the case the 116 Konsole model. 

Retailing at over £8,000.00 new!

Why Seiler 116 Konsole?
Like famous maker Steinway & Sons, Seiler have been making pianos for around 160 years. Today Seiler are one of Europe’s most important manufacturers of upright and grand pianos starting in 1849.
All German-made quality pianos labelled Seiler are equipped with a high-end German Renner action including Abel hammers. The production takes place at Kitzingen (Bavaria). Even small parts like tuning pins and string wire are without exception made by German premium suppliers and the signature of the master piano maker.

Price £4250 inc vat