Weber E-102

Weber Piano in brown modern finish. This is a well know make of piano that have been around for a long time. 

Case not in perfect condition but ok and the price reflects this but plays great and has a brighter tone. The modern weber is also made for drier conditions in the home.

Made in 1980.

It has safety castors fitted which would make it ideal for a church but these castors can be taken off for the home unless required. 

A good buy at £1350 inc vat


Monington & Weston

Monington & Weston in a modern style, plays very well and excellent tone. The ‘fall’ that comes down over the keys is ‘grand style’ and has full length music desk running the full width of the piano, very handy for sheet music! The case is in super order.

Price £1250 in vat 

Paul Kolle

Paul Kolle piano which is playing well and would be a great starter piano.

Price £600 inc vat & ground floor delivery in NI.



Rodgers Piano

rodgers-pianoA very nice Rodgers piano in light oak case with new plastic white key tops and three paneled front. I have carried out some action refresh work and regulation to both action and keybed. The piano was made in 1977, case is medium oak finish with nice markings down the front legs of the piano. Tuned to pitch A440 

Price £1450

Challen Piano

challen-pianoChallen piano in dark wood finish, made in 1940’s with new plastic key top covers. Challen were one of the best English piano manufactures back in the day with a strong depth of tone a responsive touch. I have went through all the regulation and tuned the piano to concert pitch A440.

Price £1295 

Evestaff Mini

This is a lovely little Evestaff Mini piano, quite popular in their day because of the overall height of the instrument. Very compact and a nice system for opening the fall and making the music desk available. This piano is in good condition and playing well, it also has a nice tone. I think it is a wonderful little piano that might not suit everyone but will be ideal for others. Price £695 including ground floor delivery in NI.

Evestaff Mini Piano

Squire & Longson

Just in is a lovely Squire & Longson piano in dark mahogany, great size of instrument and has been well looked after over the years. These pianos were well made and play very nicely with a great tone. Sold

Squire & Longson Piano 3


Crane Piano

A mahogany Crane piano which would make a good beginner piano and at a low price to see how you or your child get’s on with playing. This instrument is in good condition, the case has been re-polished at some point since it was new, has a few marks but not bad and is at concert pitch meaning it will work with other instruments or if learning from a cd etc..


Crane Piano

Berry Piano

A very clean and well looked after Berry piano with good height/string length. A nice playing piano with warm tone, all cleaned out, keys buffed, tuned to concert pitch and regulation carried out.


Berry Piano

Squire & Longson


Medium mahogany Squire & Longson piano, with excellent case, nice small size and plays well. The condition of the instrument is excellent and would make a super beginner piano and look very well at home.


Squire & Longson mahogany