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Piano Tuning Services throughout Northern Ireland

Piano TuningOur tuning services are of the highest standard no matter the piano type, age, Upright or Grand, so long as the piano is in tuneable condition we can keep the piano sounding great or bring it back to its harmonious best.

We can provide a yearly or more regular tuning service and after the initial tuning will send you a card with a date for your next tuning, so your piano is kept in top condition for whenever or how often it is being played. This is highly recommended as pianos need to be kept in tune as they can need a few tunings if they are left to “slip” out of tune.

Our policy to our clients is simple and hopefully reassuring, we will give you an honest opinion of the condition of your piano and not recommend work unless it makes economic sense.

A good piece of advice if you are buying, inheriting or being given a piano is to have us check it out as this can save you a lot of money in buying and moving costs. Older pianos may have structural problems that only an expert can determine!

Piano Tuning Contract’s include:

BELB – Belfast Education & Library Board which includes, Primary, Secondary, Grammer Schools and City of Belfast School of Music.


“A great service, with a really friendly tuner… the job was done quickly with excellent results. Very affordable – definitely be using Robert again!”
David Stewart